How to use Xmodgames to Hack Clash of Clans

Xmodgames is the portentous app for the android and IOS devices which can whack all the android games. It is the mobile adjutant which provides us with a lot of benefits like HD camera recorder, mods, hackings of different games, Play pause options and a lot of interesting tools. Let’s know the ways of hackings in different games.

Hacking in Clash of Clans

The most eminent game labeled by the names Xmodgames is whacked by mod games. There are so many obstacles in this game like

  • Spell factories and resources collector
  • Rocks and trees in village ways
  • Up training speed in your brackets
  • Next builder buys
  • Get high level

These are can be whacked by this app gingerly so let’s no way of hacking

  • Open the xmodgames in your android.
  • Click on the more button.
  • Tap on the FAQ.
  • Check its latest version.
  • Come back by tapping on the
  • A list of apps will be shown, click lunch linked to the clash of clan’s game.
  • Open the xmod’s dialogue and click on the mod.
  • Scroll down box and click on the sandbox attacks- enemy troops.
  • List of spells will be shown, click on the X0 blue bottle.
  • Freez will open. Enter 999 numbers.
  • You will see the list click on my troops.
  • Select the troop and then enter 999 numbers again.
  • Tap on the coins and the arrays option up there.
  • Fight and cognates you have whacked the game.

Hacking on the Pokémon game

  • Open the xmodgames app.
  • Click lunch linked button on the game.
  • After loading the game click on the xmod’s rocket button.
  • Click on the setting fast.
  • Open the
  • Copy the Flareon code.
  • The open the game again.
  • Click on the xmods.
  • Select the international flights.
  • Paste the code into cood option.
  • After some time, the pokeez will move automatically.
  • Pokémon will catch the throw.
  • Click on the ok button.
  • Now congrats you have hacked the game.


Hence proved that this has been helpful for us and has power and will to do the whacking the games. Now download its apk file and entertain by its several facilities.

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