Quality Of Yonex Badminton Rackets

For a badminton game the two essential things are a good racket and a high quality shuttlecock. Racket is a very personal equipment of a player for a badminton game. Yonex is a Japanese racket manufacturing company for the last 30 years. Yonex badminton rackets are on the top of all racket producing brands whether you like it or not but its true. Yeonex was the first to make carbon frames of rackets in the early stages the Yonex carbon frames were not too strong and durable but now they produces one of the best durable carbon rackets.

Yonex Badminton Rackets


Yeonex introduced new technology and innovation in the frame material. The ISO system was first introduced to the racket industry by the Yonex company and now a days every brand uses this technology to check the quality of their rackets.

First In the History:

History reveals that’s Yeonex is among the first firms to provide badminton rackets to to market and games. There are different firms who started to copy Yeonex rackets and then sell in the market. Now a days you can find a lot of rackets whose designs are similar to that of Yeonex but they are not even close to the performance of the rackets of the yeonex.


There are brands which provide just for male or female or provides only for offensive or defensive. Yeonex is the only brand which had a lot of products far more from other brands suitable for every one like yeonex had rackets for single, for double, rackets for offensive , rackets for defensive shots or both offensive and defensive.


Yeonex rackets are very popular because of their power, speed and durability. During 2017 its products are widely used in by professionals in different games and also in Olympics. Lee Chun also uses Yeonex racket.

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