Mod Plus APK 2018 Hacks and Guides is one of the popular game among Android users in which you have to control your cell or sphere. Feed your cell to make it the biggest. This game needs patience and tactics to capture other players cells and a strategy not be eaten by other bigger cells. This game enables you to use tactics like splitting, shrinking and dodging to eat other cells and survive in the arena.

Features Of The Game:

  • The following are the features of game.
  • Control a tiny sphere.
  • Eat other spheres in the Arena.
  • Make your sphere the biggest among all.
  • Use dodging, shrinking, splitting techniques to capture other spheres.
  • Wait patiently for other spheres to get captured.
  • Try to save your sphere from other big spheres of players.
  • Play with the people from all around the world.
  • Create your own group of friends and family and play.

Information About Mod Plus APK:

Agario is an Android game and a PC online game which you can play online for free. There are a lot of Agario Hacks out there which you can use but we have listed the Best Agario Hacks here which you will find very useful.

Author: game was developed by for Android users.

Latest Version:

The latest version of is 2.0.3

Online Game: is basically an online game. You have to play with players from all around the globe.

Published Date:

This apk was published on date 2018, 01,16.

Content Rating:

Content ratings of this game is 4.6 out of the total 5 by players in Google play store.

Final Words:

For Android users, is one of the most entertaining game because it is a very simple game with little techniques needed to play it. Simply eat other spheres and make your sphere the biggest. Millions of players from all around the world are playing this game so it’s a better chance to interact with them and challenge them and learn new tricks and techniques while playing with them.

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