Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour- Download free

Zero Hour is the fourth version of the popular game Modern Combat. The story of this game is the united states has been under attack by a group of terrorists with the help of the veterans of the united states because he decided to destroy his own country. In this game you are not a soldier and your duty is to fight against the terrorists. In this game your role is of a private assasian and you will be get paid for a task. In this game you will be stealing cars and other resources and killing the terrorists and you will be get paid for each head of a terrorist.

modern combat 4 mod apk

Modern Combat 4 MOD:

This is very attractive game. In this game you will be provided with a variety of weapons. But you can buy more weapons of your choice and can upgrade the existing ones by paying money for them. You can play this game single and also multiplayer with your friends and family by connecting with them with the help of wifi or wire connection. This game is one of the best game for those who likes missions and different combat tasks.

Features of the Modern Combat 4:

The following are the features of this exciting game.

  • Here you can see the story from both the sides from hero side as well as from the villain perspective.
  • Fight against the enemy with new tactics and concepts.
  • Plan war and attack from anywhere on your enemy starting from Antarctica to Barcelona.
  • Fight with the terrorists with best assault rifles in a stunning graphics and HD features.
  • Chaos of war blood and destroying feels so realistic in HD graphics and features in this game.
  • Sound effects are just like a real war feelings, and emotions
  • This game can be played both single and with players.

Download Modern Combat 4 MOD:

You can download Modern Combat 4 zero hour mod apk via the link above or via the image above.

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