Roblox For iOS

Roblox Review:

Roblox is among the top worlds social plat forms for games. Roblox was publish to Play store in 2006 for the first time since 2006 the no of Roblox game are increasing on daily basis. Every thing you see, feel and every game you play on Roblox is users generated it’s a pure players generated environment and situation. There are 1.7 million creators in Roblox which create millions of games and different environment. The Roblox is also known by the name of “ Imagination Plat from “ because here developers think and create different ideas and give it a shape of game or situation.


The Roblox game is specially designed for children where they are allowed to create different things and make new friends because Roblox is a social plat form for games. Children learn how to create different things because this game is close to reality. In the chat rooms they are allowed to share their knowledge and experience with each other.

Robux For IOS:

Robux is the Currency of the Roblox game which can be earned by creating new things or going further and further in the game. Robux is the main resource in the Roblox because with this in your hand you can buy new tools , valuable resources, avail new options and features.

Additional Information About Roblox:

  • The size of the APK is 117.8 MB.
  • The version for iOS was launched in 2012.
  • The category of Roblox is Adventure in Play Store.
  • Can be installed and played on iOS Version of 8.0 and above.
  • There are many language of Roblox such as Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, English, French, Italian because there are thousands of different players of Roblox from all around the world.
  • The content rating of Roblox game by iOS users is 12 Plus.

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